An Overview Of Managed Security Service Provider

Providing a good network service in a company, normally will takes a good managed security service provider. Several research found that almost all of professional companies will partner with vendor who provide this service in order to help developing a secure and ease network service. This is not a new thing, but perhaps not really much information provided for common peoples. Therefore, below are some overview of the managed security service provider, including the history and benefit of using it.


The first era of this service comes in early 1990. This idea is come from Internet Service Provider capability on providing firewall to protect their customer assets. This lead to an innovation to protect the IT security of a company. Therefore, a system called managed security service is developed.

The system then developed as a cloud-based service which requires no equipment and accessible anywhere. Furthermore, from the development, there are several supporting items such as POP or Point of Presence and VPN or Virtual Private Networking.


As this technology is needed by many companies, the demand of this service is increased by years. Therefore, currently many providers are trying to achieve their best solution in helping company managed the IT security. This is important and beneficial. For further benefit of using the system, below explanation can bring a more detail describe:

  • Security Expert

With the help of the service provider, the IT security system will be managed by the expert. Therefore, any difficulties and IT problems in the future will be fast response and handle with very well. This is an important thing for a company, as the data and system information is taking crucial parts.

  • Economical

Imagine the cost of recovery when something happens with the IT security of a system. It takes more cost than ever imagine. Therefore, using this kind of service as protection can guarantee more economical rather than dealing to recover when something happens.

  • Advance Technology

Using a provider means to perform an advance technology. It will help to ease the security system. Furthermore, it will be more practical and accessible.

Those all the overview of managed security service providers. Of course, there are many choices of vendors to perform this system. Therefore, to get the best and beneficial service, it will require a good decision through considering various criteria. By using the exact provider, it will lead to a better IT security and the best information service protection as expected.

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